KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

I’m here for the party! Where’s it at?
1 What? No alcohol? This isn’t a party, it’s more like a retreat. What do you mean it’s a kids party?
2 No meat! Vegetarian food? Who has a barbecue without burgers? Your neighbor has a cow. I’m going to need to borrow that gun. I will be right back. Warm up the grill.
3 You never said I had to dress up. The invite said black tie affair? Yea I thought that was the name of the caterers.
4 No music? This isn’t a party! You can’t possibly expect me to talk to these people all night. Move over. I’m gonna be the DJ.
5 So nice to meet you. Did you catch that football game the other night? You don’t like sports? Nice talking to you.
6 So when is everyone else getting here? There was only 2 other couples coming and they cancelled? That’s not a party. You tricked me!
7 Everyone is on their phone and no one is socializing. What do I have to text these people to get them to talk?
8 You are making me take off my shoes before I come In? I can tell this is going to be lame, so I am just going to take myself and my shoes back to my car. Cya later.
9 Everyone is laying around watching TV and looking bored. Maybe I can leave before anyone sees me.
10 The party is over? It’s 11 o’clock. We are just getting started. What do you mean you have to get up early tomorrow? Maybe I should drop you off to your mommy’s house.

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