KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

It should be illegal to:
1 Pay at the store in change only and slowly count it out. Damn you messed me up. Now I have to start all over. 1,2…
2 Too much PDA. I think PDA is cute but you don’t need to eat each other’s face off and grope each other in public.
3 Drive on the road if you can’t go over 25 and have the nerve to stay in the fast lane. Put the pedal to the medal or give me your keys. You’re done.
4 Block the sidewalk with your car so that you have to go into the street when taking a stroll. Maybe I will just crawl over your car to prove a point.
5 Putting your knees or feet into the back of my chair at the movies or on a plane. I have half a mind to get up and thump you one.
6 To get your teeth whitened so much that people lose their vision when you smile Bright light!
7 To go to the food counter without knowing what you want to order and holding up the line trying to decide. End of the line buddy!
8 To go hunting when everything scares you and you get trigger happy and unload the entire magazine.
9 To take off your shoes if your feet look like you grew up in the wild and you need a grinder to cut your toenails
10 For your husband to need more mirror time than you

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