KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Advice for meeting her parents for the first time:
1 If you bring a bottle of wine, don’t drink the whole bottle yourself.
2 Don’t tell her mom, “Now I know where your daughter gets her hotness from.”
3 A ratty tee shirt and ripped up jeans is not proper attire for a good first impression.
4 Don’t grope your girlfriend in front of her parents.
5 Try not to answer for your girlfriend and dominate the conversation being a know it all.
6 You don’t want to kiss the dad’s ass but definitely do not disagree with everything he says.
7 Her parents probably know you are sleeping together, but there is no need to confirm it.
8 Mind your manners. You shouldn’t chew with you mouth open and burp loudly.
9 If you don’t like the meal being served, suck it up. Don’t spit it out or say it is awful.
10 And most importantly, do not lie. If you plan on staying with your girlfriend, they will find out about all of your lies.

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