KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

What was I thinking?
1 When I knew I had work the next day but had too much fun the night before anyway. Then the alarm scares the bejesus out of me in the morning.
2 When you send an angry message on impulse before thinking it through. Oh boy. There will be hell to pay for this one.
3 Thinking you could wait to use the bathroom til you get home. Bad choice. Your teeth are floating and you do everything in your power not to think about it.
4 When you don’t get gas when you should thinking that you have plenty. Now you are pushing the car instead of driving it.
5 Not listening to the little voice in your head screaming NOOO and end up in the ER
6 Seeing someone text while crossing the road with their head down or crossing before they look both ways because it is your job to stop.
7 Staying in the sun all day thinking you won’t get burnt. Yeah right! Whose a lobster 🦞 now?
8 Your eyes 👀 are bigger than your stomach and against better judgement keep eating til the food is gone. Now you are overstuffed and uncomfortable.
9 Keeping your contacts in longer than you are supposed to. You don’t need to pay extra for extended wear.
10 Not being able to wait to be an adult. Was it everything you hoped for? 😂 Joke is on you sucker

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