KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Lost without my phone. Without it:
1 I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. Am I the only person whose internal clock is busted?
2 I wouldn’t be able to call anyone because I don’t memorize any phone numbers. Not being able to text is even worse. I need my questions answered right away and I am prompt with getting back to people. Now they will think I was abducted.
3 I wouldn’t be able to ask Siri a bunch of useless questions that no one else cares about but me. When I can’t remember an actor’s name, I don’t have to wait a couple days until I remember. I also like yelling at Siri when she makes me mad.
4 I wouldn’t be able to buy something the second I mention it. It would be torture to wait until later, especially since I would forget about it by then. I need instant gratification.
5 I wouldn’t be able to make plans since there would be no way to call or send messages. Oh no! I am solo.
6 I wouldn’t be able to find anything to do since all of my events are on facebook. I guess I could drive around aimlessly and look for a place with a lot of cars outside.
7 Something great would happen and then I wouldn’t have my camera to capture the moment.
8 I wouldn’t be able to listen to music and I would be all alone with my thoughts.
9 I would have no clue what the date or time was. Forget about navigation too. I would have to follow the north star.
10 I would have separation anxiety since it allows me to have a wealth of information at my fingertips.

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