KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Things I wonder:
1 Why do people use the words well done for their meat? That would make you think it cooked perfectly when in fact it is a burnt piece of rubber. A well done piece of meat needs to be chewed until your teeth ache.
2 Why don’t planes have parachutes? Am I really expected to jump with a flotation device? What if I am not near any water? Will I see a mirage?
3 Why do people say work like a dog when they sit on their ass all day? That sounds like a vacation.
4 What’s the deal with training bras? What exactly is the bra training the boobs to do? I am still waiting for them to grow.
5 Did someone mix up the names for Greenland and Iceland because Greenland is cold and icy and Iceland has mild weather?
6 Who decided that the work week is supposed to be 5 days? Must have been an over achiever. Is there any way to appeal this decision? Why do we all go along with it?
7 Why does happy hour have to be between 5 and 6 pm? Maybe I am happy at a different time. I think I should be able to choose.
8 Why is it called a brainstorm when you think real hard? Are we pushing our brains into overdrive? Is there a danger of our brain exploding from the overuse?
9 If a business says that they are going to treat you like family, doesn’t that make you want to run? To me, that means you are about to be tortured during your stay and have to do everything yourself.
10 Why do people say “Bless your heart” if they aren’t really trying to be nice? I used to think that was so sweet until someone said it is mean to be an insult. Why not just say piss off?

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