KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Beach fails:
1 You look great in your string bikini but it isn’t made to go into the ocean. A wave comes along and takes your bikini top with it. You are left holding your boobs in your hands.
2 The ocean is rough and you are having a tough time out there with the riptide. Your family thinks you are having the time of your life and waves to you.
3 When you try to act cool walking into the ocean and a wave smacks you down a few notches.
4 You set up right by the water and get something to eat, forgetting about high tide. When you come back you think someone stole your stuff. It’s all in the ocean dummy!
5 You catch the perfect wave or so you think. Sadly you caught the top of the wave and are caught in a washing machine. Every time you try to get up, you are knocked back under.
6 Running in the sand to jump on a skimboard. You wipe out as soon as you hit it.
7 Having a crab grab your big toe and hold on for dear life and you kick as hard as you can to free your toe.
8 You float on your raft and the ocean decides to kidnap you.
9 You mistake a dolphin for a shark and almost drown yourself trying to safely get to shore.
10 Standing ankle-deep in water only to get plowed down by a little kid on a boogie board.

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