KC Avalon’s Funny Blog

Driving with your kid when they have their permit:
1 They look over their shoulder to check lanes and the car goes in the same direction. (In the name of the father, son…)
2 Following too close and stopping at the very last second. (Mom you are overreacting as usual. I had plenty of time. Meanwhile you are thinking that you prefer not to be a crash test dummy)
3 Telling you every rule they learned in driver’s ed and how they are already a much better driver than you. (In your dreams)
4 Speeding because they play Grand Theft Auto on Xbox. (I’m really not speeding. Everyone else is going faster than me. The cops will get them first.)
5 They think putting on the right music is more important than driving. (Hello? We are not sitting in the family room. News flash! Your are driving so DRIVE)
6 Changing lanes without checking the blind spot. (Someone thinks they are invincible. No it is not their fault for hiding. Check your mirror)
7 Waiting to make a left and being overly cautious. Meanwhile traffic is backing up behind you and horns are honking. He flips the bird. (OMG you cannot give people the finger! I am only doing it because you do it Mom. Lord help me)
8 They think yellow means go faster. (Son, yellow means slow down. Well that’s stupid. I still have time.)
9 Whipping the car into parking spots. (You see your life flash before your eyes and wonder how many auto repair shops you will have to pay for all of the cars he will hit.)
10 Slamming on the brakes instead of coasting. (Thanks for the whiplash)
Bonus – Yelling at your kid for almost hitting someone and they get out of the car in the middle of traffic and tell you they are done. True story.

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