KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

What makes you instantly dislike someone:
1 The person constantly talks about themself and begrudgingly throws you a question now and then. If you are lucky, you will get a sentence out before Mimi takes over the conversation.
2 You just meet the person and they say something inappropriate and vulgar. Ewww not impressed.
3 The person hits on your man knowing that he is taken but treating it like a challenge. I’m gonna give you til the count of three before I chase you down.
4 The person insults you to make themself look good. Oh no you didn’t!
5 The person is sickening sweet and overly nice. My radar is going off trying to figure out your ulterior motive.
6 You can’t understand them. It’s not their fault but it takes too much of your attention span to focus. It’s like a full time job.
7 They have a lot of money and act like a show off. Hey wanna see a magic trick? I’m gonna disappear 😂
8 They are drunk off their ass and causing a scene. Just give them a little push in a different direction.
9 When someone tries to put you down because they think they are better. You can stop talking now.
10 When the person mistreats their significant other and doesn’t care. That’s when you find someone built like Jason Momoa or The Rock and tell him that guy said you are a weasel. Problem solved.

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