KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Why we really became parents
1 To have our child wake up in the middle of the night and stand inches from your face staring at you like a serial killer. Jeepers!
2 To prepare meals for a food critic who turns up their cute little nose at everything you attempt to make for them. I needed to improve my culinary skills.
3 To learn self defense in bed. You need to learn how to catch an elbow to the eye and get donkey kicked. Hi yah!
4 I needed someone to complain every time I went shopping to keep my spending in check. It’s like having a personal alarm. I love how the sales people follow us around the store waiting for you to break something or cause a scene.
5 To get ignored when I speak. I get to polish up on communication and learn how to speak up octave by octave.
6 To learn self control when I get interrupted constantly. Here kid. I have some clothes for you to fold. That’s what I thought. Gone.
7 Our house needed a mini tyrant to rule the roost. Do what they say or suffer the consequences.
8 To visit every public bathroom possible so that I can cross it off my bucket list.
9 Because I am the designated finder of all things lost. These little minions suffer from amnesia.
10 I wanted to watch little people bicker constantly. Who needs a reality show when you have 24 hour entertainment?

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