KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Worst responses to I love you:
1 yeah so or that’s nice (Indifference? Your mama didn’t smack you enough)
2 me too or ditto (Wow is that the best you could do? You really dug deep for that one)
3 what do you want? (Nevermind, I take it back. You don’t deserve it)
4 what? or did you say something? (Really? You can’t hear all of a sudden? I bet if I said I was giving you a million dollars your hearing would kick in)
5 hmmm (What in the hell does that mean? It wasn’t a question and there is nothing to ponder)
6 I love you as a friend or I like you (Awkward! You pour your heart out only to get friend zoned.)
7 whatever (You just dismissed me? I don’t think so. Now it’s time to say, “Sorry thought you were someone else.”)
8 seriously? or good one (How embarrassing! I think I will just laugh hysterically and say gotcha! I would never love you)
9 k (Do you have something you would like to share with me?)
10 ignore (Now it’s my turn to say nevermind)

#blogger #topten #iloveyou

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