KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Sounds that are heaven to my ears:
1 Waves crashing at the beach remind me that this is where I belong. I don’t belong in an office working my butt off.
2 A baby or a child laughing with a belly laugh makes me laugh even if I don’t know why they are laughing. It makes me so happy 😃
3 Birds chirping remind me that it is a beautiful day. Forget that housework and seize the day.
4 I love music and cannot imagine a life without it. The beat of the music 🎵 has me rocking out of my seat until I am busting moves on my feet.
5 Meat sizzling on a grill gets my tummy growling and I can feel my fangs come out. Get in my belly.
6 Fire crackling soothes me and the flames 🔥 are mesmerizing. It makes me think of smores and snuggling.
7 Money coming out of a slot machine 🎰 makes me scream and cheer. I even have a money 💰 dance. Don’t stop til I get enough.
8 A plane taking off is the best sound in anticipation of the speed that follows. I have the need, the need for speed.
9 Dogs playing makes me smile. I love the playful growls and barks.
10 I am never too old to chase after the Ice Cream truck. The ice cream song makes me run for my wallet. Now I am old enough to chase him down in my car if he tries to get away.

#blogger #topten #musictomyears

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