KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Things that are hard to tell your partner:
1 “Um Babe, There is a little scratch on the car but you can barely notice.” He goes out to inspect and it is a big dent. You hear him screaming.
2 “I did a little shopping today to make me feel better.” He comes home from work to find 18 boxes piled in front of the door.
3 “I was pulled over for speeding. My ticket is $250.” Why so high? “I was going 80 in a 55.”
4 “I kind of got fired today. I told my boss where he could stick my job.”
5 “I went to the bar last night and drank too much. Apparently I bought the whole bar a round. You should see it on the credit card bill.”
6 “Where did the dog come from? Well I was window shopping and went into a pet shop and fell in love and couldn’t tell this guy no. Look at those 👀 eyes!
7 “OMG my windshield has a crack. Well more like a giant dent. You know that asteroid they were talking about in the news? Yep part of it broke off. I’m lucky to be alive to tell this story.
8 “My ex called me and he still has feelings for me. He will do anything to get me back. So what do you have to offer?”
9 “I took the utility money and lost it playing craps at the casino. I was so close to making a fortune. You should have seen me. We might be eating by candlelight, cooking over a campfire and taking a bath in the lake for the next month.”
10 “My parents can’t afford their bills and didn’t know what to do. I insisted that they move in with us. Now you and my dad will have plenty of quality time together.”

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