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Things we forget to pack for vacation:
1 For the love of God, don’t dare forget the phone chargers. You can’t survive without your lifeline to civilization.
2 Sunscreen will cost you a fortune if you forget it. They know they have you by the cajones.
3 A blowdryer. Now your hair is curling in all of the wrong places and your reflection lets you know you look ridiculous.
4 A hoodie. You are so excited to go to the beach that cold nights don’t even cross your mind. You try to do without but your teeth chatter and your nipples could cut glass. Off to the souvenir shop!
5 Scissors. Now you are removing tags from clothes with your teeth.
6 A razor. Unless you go buy one, you will have to pluck the hairs out one by one or go with a hairy European look.
7 Your passport. Now it is a race against time to floor it like a Nascar driver and get back before the plane takes off.
8 You are on vacation without a hat, hair tie, or sunglasses. Your hair keeps blowing in your face and your face isn’t protected from the sun.
9 Sneakers. You remembered flip flops and cute shoes to go with your night time outfits. You forgot playing shoes. Better get used to bare feet.
10 You forgot your birth control and aren’t in the U.S. Oh boy! Your husband is not going to enjoy this vacation.

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