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Traits that can be a blessing and a curse:
1 Perfectionist – When you are married to Donald Trump and just have to fix that flap of hair that combs over from the front to back of his head where it is plastered in place. I would get out the scissors ✂️ in the middle of the night and snippety snip.
2 Honesty – When someone asks you how they look in something and you are too nice to say ridiculous but your eyes 👀 say it for you.
3 Patience – When you aren’t in a rush at the ice cream stand and let a little kid in front of you. You really want peanut butter cup ice cream but the kid in front of you bought the last of it.
4 Good listener – When you listen so good that people mistake you for a therapist. No don’t lie down on my couch.
5 Loyalty – When you think your dog is loyal but he is just trying to get to your plate.
6 Trust – You trust your buddy to take care of your wife while you are out of town. Problem is you didn’t define take care of. You come home and she no longer lives with you.
7 When you have a big heart and let your friend move in. You can’t get them out because they take advantage of your kindness. Now you have to introduce the ghost who will haunt your house to get them out. Only a good friend would offer free entertainment.
8 Positive thinking – A hurricane warning is issued. You stay behind because you convinced yourself that you will be fine. Keep telling yourself that when your second floor bedroom is now in the basement. 🤦🏻‍♀️
9 Brave – You are so focused on showing your bravery that you cause yourself more pain to prove it. Anesthesia to take out my kidney? Nah just give me a pencil to bite on. I got this!
10 Thoughtful – You take your friend to Vegas for their 30th because they always wanted to go. When it is your bday they take you to a fast food place and a strip club. Yay me!

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