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Ten things guys want women to know:
1 If you want to know how you look, for the love of God go ask someone else. There is no good ending. It’s a booby trap.
2 They will never ever ever say No to sex. No way in hell. It would be their last wish on their death bed.
3 You are not allowed to bring up things that were done years ago in an argument. It’s like being tried for the same crime twice or every time you decide to throw it into the ring.
4 If you kiss or touch a man, don’t be surprised if he expects more. It’s like having an appetizer and being denied dinner and dessert.
5 Sports are on every Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Don’t be surprised. Oh hell just plan on your man watching some kind of sport every day.
6 Stop crying 😢 when you can’t get what you want. It’s not fair. Can you say blackmail?
7 Share a cell phone calendar to ensure no important dates are missed. The last thing a guy wants is to get yelled at for something you could have told him.
8 They just say what they mean so don’t analyze it to death. Stop reading into things they say. Take it at face value..
9 They know how to drive. How dare you question their expertise.
10 Stop wishing for things and ask for what you want or expect. Guys aren’t mind readers. They can’t even remember your real name after calling you hon or babe all these years.

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