KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Talking to yourself:
1 Talking to yourself is encouraged when you are a kid to spark imagination so why does everyone want to put you in a straight jacket as an adult?
2 We aren’t talking to our inner voices so don’t get warped about it. It is simply talking out loud. Someone is jealous.
3 You are very reliable and good company so why not?
4 Talking while cooking helps doing things step by step. Of course I know I am alone in the room.
5 When you see something funny and everyone is sleeping you say it out loud and get another good laugh out of it.
6 When something happens that is completely unbelievable then you have to say it out loud because you still can’t believe it and need to make sure you aren’t dreaming.
7 When you need to give yourself a pep talk because no one else will.
8 When you are trying to study or remember something it helps you remember when you say it out loud.
9 You have full conversations with your pets. They might not understand every word but hey they love you and try to listen.
10 You talk to yourself when looking for something as if saying it out loud helps you find it easier.

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