KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

when minutes feel like an eternity:
1 When you are waiting to get picked up. You wear the rug down with all the pacing back and forth.
2 When you are walking down the aisle and all eyes are on you. You just want to run to your man. The walk feels like slow motion.
3 The last minutes before the end of the work day seem like they are going in reverse.
4 When you are hungry and waiting for dinner, it feels like you will die of starvation before you get fed.
5 When you have to go to the bathroom and there is a long line, you wonder if you will make it before you wet your pants.
6 When you are waiting to get a procedure done and have too much time to plan your escape.
7 When you have to speak in front of a class if feels like it will never end with all of those eyeballs staring back at you.
8 When you are on a date and waiting for your first kiss. C’mon, do it already smoochie face.
9 When you wait to open your presents on Christmas morning. You have to wait for everyone and their grandmom to be ready.
10 When you are waiting for an important call, everyone that you don’t want to hear from calls.

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