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Worst place to pick up the love of your life:
1 A bar – people are on their worst behavior and it is hard to tell if you are picking up someone with a drinking problem or a fidelity problem.
2 A wedding – unless you are the bride or groom, everyone is usually coupled up. You may want to crash the wedding across the hall. Now you have a fighting chance.
3 The gym – certainly not the most pleasant smelling place and you won’t be looking your best. Do you really want the person to see you at your worst the very first time they meet you?
4 A high school reunion – there’s a reason why you didn’t hook up with that person in high school and there may be a good reason why they are still on the market.
5 A strip club – well if it’s the stripper, she is prancing around playing show and tell with her body. If it is a viewer then you are both sending a message that the two of you would never be enough for each other.
6 Prison – after those conjugal visits there are a lot more women available in the outside world. Plus, do you really want someone with a major rap sheet? You may not want to give that person a honey do list.
7 At work – do you really want to be with your spouse 24 hours a day? Not a good idea to mix business and pleasure.
8 With a friend – If you have been friend zoned then it is for a reason. You are fighting a losing battle.
9 Vegas – Nothing is permanent there including you. Vegas is a place to live it up and leave it there.
10 A concert – You won’t know anything bout the person other than their looks. Who wants to scream and yell over the loud music.

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