KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Taking selfies:
1 You aren’t fooling anyone. I know that pic wasn’t taken in 1 shot. You probably did it 50 to 100 times before getting the perfect one.
2 Your nose isn’t the smallest. You look fine before you snap the shot but after it is taken your nose looks like it could poke someone’s eye out. Yow!
3 You look like you gained 20 pounds right in your face. Try again.
4 Your cute duck lip pose looks like you had a stroke. Oh no.
5 Instead of a sweet young thang you look like the old hag from Snow White. You just got scared looking at yourself.
6 You hold the camera at such an angle that you look like a stick figure under a magnifying glass.
7 Time to take the glasses off. You look like Velma with Coke bottle glasses on.
8 Why am I so pale? I look like I need a transfusion.
9 What is up with my lips? Looks like I sucked on a lemon then smoked a cigarette.
10 Why do my eyes look half shut? Then when I try to open them up more, I look someone demanded my new wallet with all of my money.

#blogger #topten #selfies

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