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Uncomfortable moments at the gym:
1 Using the abductor machine and making eye contact with the cutest guy in the gym. Great your legs are wide open when he smiles at you. You just gave him the wrong impression. Good job!
2 taking a sip of water while running on the treadmill. Instead of it hitting your mouth, it is all down the front of you.
3 Seeing someone you know who wants to chit chat while you look like an unattractive sweaty wreck.
4 Laying on your stomach while bringing up your legs on a machine and the personal trainer is trying to get your attention. Please go away.
5 You go to the locker room and someone is parading around in their birthday suit. I am so glad you are in love with your body but I really don’t want to see it. Please get dressed.
6 When the drill sargent instructor decides to shame you in front of the class. Excuse me dick, I don’t pay for you to insult me so you better giddy up.
7 When skinny show offs prance around for everyone else to see. You don’t even eat enough to go to a gym. GET OUT.
8 You are sweating out of every pore of your body at spin class. You have to hold on tight to avoid slipping off of the bike.
9 When you have no clue how to use a machine but attempt it anyway and use it wrong. Woopsie.
10 Walking away from the treadmill while your headphones are still plugged in. You feel like you are being lassoed back.

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