KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

What cures a bad mood:
1 Hang out with and cuddle with your pet and your stress melts away.
2 Music really soothes the soul and calms the beast.
3 Receiving a present. If that isn’t going to happen, go shopping and treat yourself to an outfit.
4 Driving to the beach. It feels like vacation and makes you happy instantly.
5 Watch a funny movie and laugh out your bad mood.
6 Throw some air punches or hit a punching bag.
7 Go to the golfing range and hit some balls. Pretend it is the person who made you mad.
8 Have some ice cream. it will make your belly happy.
9 Buy yourself some flowers. They are so pretty and happy looking.
10 Take a day off from work and play hooky like the good old days.

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