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How hard can it be to bake a cake?
1 You take it out of the oven and allow it to cool. When you come back to check on it, the cake is flat like a pancake. Poor thing.
2 You didn’t cook it enough. When you cut it open, there is raw cake batter inside. I guess you can convince people it is a pudding cake.
3 You forget to grease and flour the bundt cake pan. Getting the cake out of the pan is impossible. You begin by tapping the cake and then lose all patience. Your mother comes in to see you in a boxing match with the cake.
4 You are feeling overly ambitious and try a triple layer cake. It is so perfect that it should be a work of art. That is until you carry it to the fridge and you helplessly watch each layer sail to the floor in slow motion.
5 You try to be artistic and copy a cake that you saw in a magazine. Your castle looks like a volcano hit it and is a hot mess. The towers look like penises. Oh boy! Too late to make or buy another one. Hopefully, no one will notice.
6 Your cake baked unevenly because you kept opening the oven door as if you were watching a peep show.
7 You didn’t have the right size cake pan so you used a smaller one. It would not have been a problem if you put less batter but you poured the whole thing. The batter overflowed all over the oven and the fire alarm went off. The firemen showed up to put the fire out in your oven.
8 You burnt the bottom of the cake in an effort to make sure the cake was completely cooked thru. Now you have to cut off the bottom and everyone thinks they are eating brownies.
9 You forget to precook your fruit for your pie. Everyone is trying to fake how good it is but you can hear the crunching of the apples. Dagnabbit.
10 You overwork the dough because you want to give it some special tender loving care. You are left with a hard and dry crust and your guests are left unsatisfied for dessert. They have to stop on the way home to buy something more appetizing. No one ever asks you to make a dessert again.

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