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Damn fly!:
1 It all starts when someone comes into the house with an unwanted friend, the fly!
You are trying to cook and the pesky fly wants some food too.
2 You track it from room to room like a spy with your rolled-up magazine. It is flying like a Top Gun MiG. It’s okay. It has to slow down sooner or later and you will be waiting.
3 Now the sucker is doing unauthorized flybys with your dog. Your poor pup is defenseless and his swinging paws are too slow to keep up with the fly’s maneuvers.
4 Boy, this fly has some big balls when he lands on your nose. He must be feeling brave and makes you look like a chump in front of your family.
5 After dinner, you see him on one of the plates as you are cleaning up. You grab your weapon. Swing and a miss. Strike. The next swings lands and it is a success. Dead. He got what he deserved.
6 You are watching tv feeling peaceful since you aren’t being bothered. Then you see a fly on the tv. Oh, it better be part of the show you are watching. As if the fly is mocking you, it flies into the room to show you it is in your house. Where did this fly come from?
7 You haven’t seen the bugger all night so you assume it is gone. You are about to fall asleep when you hear the old buzzard dive-bombing around you. Are you kidding me!! You hope it flies to another room but it continues to dive-bomb. You are so angry that you blindly throw an air punch that connects with your lamp. Kapow!
8 Now you have a broken lamp and a fly who refuses to give up. This is war!! It is time to bring in the big guns. This poor sucker has no idea who he just messed with. It’s time for the Godfather to deliver the kiss of death. You woke your husband up with all of the racket and he is not happy with the fly.
9 Your husband is not an amateur when it comes to killing flies. He can catch one with his bare hands. He winds up and with a swift silent blow, the job is done.
10 The next day you are at the beach and you get bit. Ouch! It is a greenhead horse fly and it drew blood. Of course. It is a land breeze. You win the battle by swimming in the ocean until you turn into a prune. Bye-bye fly.

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