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When you don’t want to move up to the next size in clothes:
1 You shame yourself so that you are forced to lose weight or be uncomfortable until you do. You would rather those pants squeeze the life out of you than spend money on new clothes.
2 The looser your clothes, the more you will eat to fill the gap.
3 You would rather buy stretch clothes just so you can say you are still the same size. You probably stretched yourself out two sizes with that forgiving fabric.
4 You lay on the bed and suck in your stomach so that you can get the zipper up on your jeans. If they still won’t budge, you pull the zipper up with a hanger. Just don’t bend over if you drop something or go to the bathroom until you get home.
5 You blame the dryer for shrinking your tops. Honey, your tops didn’t get smaller, you just got bigger.
6 You put your hands into fists and stretch out the inside of the shirt while you have it on to give you more room.
7 You wear spanx but are having trouble breathing because they are strangling you to death. Talk about uncomfortable. Once you try them you will never want to wear them again. Ever. NEVER.
8 Your shirt is a little too tight. Someone asks you when your baby is due. Why don’t you come over here so I can slap you for asking me such a stupid question. I eat a little too much and now you think I am having a baby! The nerve.
9 Your pants are so tight the pockets flare out like Dumbo’s ears. Forget about putting anything in those pockets. It will be a one way trip.
10 Hope you put your socks on before your pants because you won’t be bending over in them. You better make sure the shoes are slip on too or someone else is going to have to tie them.

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