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Happy Father’s Day Dads
Things Fathers Say:

1 He turns into a weatherman and can’t resist telling you the temperature when he sees you going out for the night.
2 When you ask for something he tells you to ask your mother. She says to ask your father. You get bounced around like a ping pong ball.
3 He can’t resist putting “When I was your age” into a story. Four score and two hundred years ago.
4 He acts like a big spender when he hands you a $20 bill like it’s a hundred then says, “Don’t spend it all in one place.”
5 He loves when someone stands in front of the TV so he can tell you that you make a better door than a window.
6 He can’t resist using wacky sayings like “He folded like a cheap lawn chair.” Oh boy we better get pops outta here.
7 You ask for an ice cream and he answers with, “What am I a millionaire?” Not even close you big spender.
8 When he says, “Don’t tell mom. This will be our little secret.” You got him now! Let the bribery begin.
9 Dad always knows when you touch his thermostat. He is like the Gollum in Lord of the Rings. My precious!
10 “I need to make a quick stop.” Next time you get no drinks before traveling. It’s pretty bad when you see more rest stops them land marks on your road trip.

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