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Bunk beds might be more trouble than they are worth if:

1 You can’t sleep because you spend the entire night worrying that whoever is on the top bunk is going to fall to their death or end up in the hospital. You are a nervous wreck by morning.
2 Your kid is too big for a bunk bed. When he sits up in the top bunk, he gets a hair cut by the ceiling fan.
3 Your children get into fistfights trying to claim the top bunk. The next fight is how long the person gets the top bunk.
4 Changing sheets becomes a big event. You practically have to lie down on the bottom bunk to change those sheets and then end up with a concussion when you sit up and forget that there is not enough clearance. You have to climb up to the top bunk to change those sheets and hold a Spiderman like pose to pull the corners taut.
5 Your kid forgets she is in the top bunk and ends up falling to the ground when she rolls over. She is fine but scared out of her mind because it felt like she fell off a cliff.
6 Your kid goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the ladder becomes hard to navigate in the dark.
7 It’s a real hassle to tuck your kid in at bedtime because you have to climb the ladder to do so. You know it is only a matter of time before you end up on the ground, especially after drinking some wine.
8 You have two bunks and a twin in one room and your kids are constantly jumping from the top bunk to the twin no matter how much you threaten and yell at them.
9 One side of the bunks is against the wall and stuff constantly falls down the one side and gets stuck in the little crevice between the wall and the bed. You have to call Hercules every once in a while to move it so that you can get all the crap that accumulated.
10 The person on the bottom bunk has trouble sleeping because it sounds and feels like an earthquake when the person on top moves around.

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