KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

If you aren’t lying then:
1 Why are your eyes blinking so fast? They look like turn signals. Either that or something flew in your eyes.
2 Why are you looking everywhere but at me? Yo I’m over here. Stop looking for me.
3 Why are you sweating profusely? You are looking like a drowned rat.
4 Why are you repeating my questions before you answer them? Are you trying to buy time to invent an acceptable answer? You don’t think too quick on your feet. You better practice.
5 Why are you swaying back and forth? Are you sleep walking and talking or is it windy?
6 Why are you as white as a ghost? Did I just catch you in a lie? I will give you a three second headstart before I kill you.
7 Why are you talking in a high pitched voice? Did someone kick you in the cajones?
8 Why do you start out with I am going to be honest with you? You are warning me that everything said after that is a lie. Blah blah blah. Talk to the hand.
9 Why are you stumbling on your words? You can’t even remember your lies but your nose is growing like Pinnochio. It’s getting so long, I can hang my laundry on it.
10 Why are you wearing that fake smile? Here, let me slap it off of your face so you can stop lying! You are pursing your lips as if you sucked on a lemon.

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