KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

camping might not be for you if:
1 You are a hairy guy. Someone may think you are a bear scavenging for food and shoot your ass.
2 You have no clue how to pitch a tent. Hours later it looks like it was stuck in a tornado. Everyone has to sleep in the car.
3 You can’t light a fire without gasoline and a blow torch.
4 You need gps to find your tent at night.
5 You don’t enjoy nature very much. Between the bugs, animals, and strange noises you feel like you are stuck in a horror movie.
6 It rains and you didn’t hang a tarp over the tent. It’s a muddy mess and your tent is ready to set sail with all the water.
7 You walk around barefoot and get sap all over your feet. It won’t come off no matter how hard you try. Now you are part human part sasquatch.
8 You think the bath houses have soap and shampoo like a luxury hotel. You are sadly mistaken and have to go au naturale.
9 You think your husband is trying to get frisky tickling you. He tells you it’s not him. You look under the cover to see a snake 🐍 cozying up to you.
10 You bring a case of beer figuring you will buy food at the camp store. Problem is it’s not a supermarket. You have to serve snacks and pass it off as a meal.

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