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Don’t use horoscopes as scripture:
1 Some use it to find out what their day is going to be like. You can’t tell me that millions of people are going to have the same day as you. Fate? Nope. Don’t think so.
2 Horoscopes list generalizations that most likely apply to you. If it says that music will be a big part of your day, don’t think it’s a coincidence when you find yourself at an outdoor concert. It’s not a coincidence when you make it happen.
3 Some use horoscope advice as guidance for making a big decision. You might as well flip a coin instead. You have a 50/50 chance.
4 You become addicted to reading your horoscope every day so that you know what to expect in your life. You do know that they just state the obvious right? Everyone has a bad day, relationship problems, conflict, job issues, etc. Tell me something I don’t know. C’mon impress me.
5 Some singles use it to find out when love will be dropping into their life. Girls you don’t need a newspaper to find love. Go dress up and shake your money maker. It’s magic.
6 Some read that they will be experiencing money troubles in the near future. They go on a spending spree since there will be a shortage of money soon. You have money trouble now.
7 Others check to see how healthy they will be. Go to the doctor. Better yet, crack open a fortune cookie. It may give you wisdom.
8 Some read that they are going to lose something important today and drive themselves bonkers wondering what is going to be lost. Turns out the only thing you lost is your mind and for no reason.
9 Your horoscope says you will be creative today. All of a sudden you turn into Martha Stewart coming up with wonderful new creative ideas and projects.
10 You read that you will be experiencing conflict with your mate. You try to avoid disputes at all costs but pick a fight with your husband so that you can get it out of the way.
Do I read my horoscope? Occasionally. There is nothing wrong with a mood booster but don’t live your life by it.

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