KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Best excuses for not doing your homework

1 We are in a pandemic. If things take a turn for the worst, I don’t want to spend my last days doing homework.
2 I gave homework up for lent because I get a lot of pleasure out of doing it. (You are going to burn in hell for this one, but you can worry about that later)
3 I did the work and left it home. School work is for school. Very confusing.
4 I handed it to you. Remember? You must have misplaced it. I did all that work for nothing. (You silently hope you nose isn’t growing like Pinocchio)
5 My mom was too lazy to do it for me. I will yell at her when I get home.
6 The stores are completely out of toilet paper. We had to use anything we could get our hands on. I don’t think you want it now.
7 The wind blew it and I chased it all over town. Unfortunately, it fell in the sewer.
8 We had homework last night? Oh wow, I thought it was due next week.
9 I have a medical condition called carple tunnel and it hurts too much to write.
10 I didn’t need to do it. Homework is for practice and I am very good already. Who needs practice when you are perfect?

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