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Electric cars
1 You decide to be adventurous and go on a cross country trip from NJ to California. Yes!! You feel so alive. Dammit, the bleeping car died before you even made it through Pennsylvania. 😡
2 You have one beer too many and end up at the gas station. You try and shove the gas nozzle into the car. 🤦🏻‍♀️
3 You forget to charge the car and have to call out of work. You forget to charge your phone all the time so why did you think you would be responsible enough to charge a car!
4 You have to plan your trips around the location of charging stations.
5 You avoid traveling to the mountains because your car can’t make the climb. It has never made it to the top yet. It uses too much power.
6 You love accessories and play the radio, run the a/c on blast, charge your phone all while driving like a speed demon. The battery is draining quicker than your speed.
7 You have to replace your battery. No problem, you saved $200. The repair shop gives you a whopper of a bill for $5,500. What?! As they scrape you off the floor you demand that they keep the car. It’s not worth it.
8 Your electric bill went up 100’s of dollars. Where exactly are you saving money?
9 The charger you bought takes 8 hours to get an 80% charge. How are you supposed to make plans with friends? You always show up after everyone has left. Your car has turned into a buzz kill and has destroyed your social life.
10 Someone is chasing you and you are racing to save your life. The gas pedal is slammed down to the floor but the damn car won’t go over 70 mph.

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