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When you have to trust someone with your life to drive you:
1 They pass not one but two slow moving vehicles. They jump in the fast lane like a Nascar driver and there is a tractor trailer you are playing chicken with. You see the grill but make it to your lane in the nick of time.
2 They say they are tired with two hours left of driving but won’t let you drive. It is your job to keep them awake so you sound like an auctioneer talking about nonsense.
3 They drive like a maniac because they need a bathroom but refuse to stop. Here use my bottle so you can drive normal.
4 Someone cuts them off and they drive like possessed demons because they won’t be satisfied until they catch up to them so they can make obscene gestures and offer to fight them.
5 Your driver has extreme road rage and you are so stressed out that you tell them to drop you off at the next bar. You will take your chances asking a stranger to take you home.
6 They weave in and out of traffic and you don’t have the heart to tell them they only gained an inch. They aren’t getting ahead because they are moving laterally.
7 They don’t slow down in the rain because they are an expert driver. You can’t see out of the windshield. You are hydroplaning so much that you don’t even know if you are on the road anymore.
8 You are driving with your kid who is learning how to drive but knows it all. They are going 60 because dad told them it’s legal to drive 10 miles over. OMG 😳 When they change lanes, they look over their shoulder and the car goes the same direction. WATCH OUT.
9 When the light turns green they floor it then slam on the brakes when they stop. Where am I? I hit my head on the dash.
10 They are more concerned about the radio and A/C and forget they are driving. Hello?! Can you wait til we stop?

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