KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Words and phrases that don’t mean what they say 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️:

1 funny bone – It’s not a bone that tells jokes and it’s actually a nerve, not a bone. When you hit your funny bone, it’s not even a little bit funny.
2 wedlock – honey, once you say I do you are locked into this FOREVER!!!
3 having your head in the clouds – now that’s one tall dude
4 yo-yo – Yo yo yo what’s up?
5 fire hydrant – Very scary. A permanent fixture that shoots out fire.
6 cracker – Sounds like a chiropractor.
7 paddleboard – I thought the board paddled itself. How disappointing.
8 inflammable – That should mean it’s safe and cannot catch fire. Hey buddy. I wouldn’t light that match next to the gas tank.
9 work like a dog – I want that job. My dogs have a life of luxury and leisure. Not much work being done there.
10 butterfly – A fly covered in butter.

#blogger #topten #words

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