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Noises that wake you up out of a sound sleep:

1 A car backfires and you think someone fired a gun. You roll off the bed and hit the ground. Ouch, you are going to feel that in the morning.
2 Apparently someone thinks it’s a great idea to mow the lawn at 6:30 in the morning. Jokes on you buddy when I mow my lawn at midnight.
3 A woodpecker decides to jackhammer your house. Maybe it’s beak will break off so you can catch some shuteye.
4 Someone forgot to let their dog in and it is barking non stop. Shut your yippety yap.
5 Sirens wake you up from a sound sleep. By the sound of it, the whole town must be on fire.
6 You finally get to sleep in for the first Saturday in months. Unfortunately, you forgot to shut off your alarm. Now you are awake at 6 a.m.
7 The person you sleep with is snoring so loud you contemplate using a pillow to silence them. Instead you deliver a swift karate chop. The snoring stops as the person wonders what the heck just happened. That will buy you some time to catch some zzz’s before they start up again.
8 The neighbors must not know you have to work tomorrow. They are throwing a wild party. It sounds like a band is performing in your bedroom. The bass is booming and the pictures on your wall are shaking off the nails.
9 Your kid decides to cook a pizza in the middle of the night and sets off the fire alarm. You are going to strangle him as soon as your heart stops pounding out of your chest.
10 There is a storm in the middle of the night. Thunder crashes and the boom sounds like a bomb hit your house. Is 3 a.m. too early to go to work?

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