KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

You just get your carpets cleaned:

1 They look the same. You should be able to notice a difference. 👀 There should be some clue.
2 The truck barely pulls away and you catch your dog poppin a squat on the clean carpet.
3 By the looks of the old carpet you realize that you should have thrown it in the dumpster.
4 Your carpet looks and feels like a marsh after it is done. Too much water 💦 Squish squish
5 Your husband trudges in the house with his work boots 🥾 on. You start cursing 🤬 in Italian and you don’t even know Italian.
6 Your carpet stretched after cleaning and you have ripples through the house.
7 You clean a stain and think you did a great job then it reappears a few days later. It’s like a bad nightmare that refuses to go away.
8 You had to work and your neighbor said the workers were done in an hour. Wow a 4 bedroom house? Neighbor said they must be good. Um yea its the art of illusion as in they pretended to work. Abra Cadabra.
9 You have a clean carpet but now your walls are all scuffed up from the workers banging the hoses into your walls.
10 Your body decides to get a virus and revolt against you. You hurl all over the place like you are possessed by a demon. Time for wood floors!

#blogger #topten #carpetcleaning

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