KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Community pool problems:
1 There are towels on all of the lounge chairs and those people are nowhere to be found. Umm who do you think you are special or something? If you aren’t in the pool or on site, you cannot save spots.
2 Some parents don’t pay attention to their kids and think it’s the lifeguard’s job to watch them. I don’t think so.
3 Some genius brings a glass and breaks it. Now you have to worry about walking in bare feet.
4 There are some who come in looking like they were playing in a pig pen. Do not use the pool as your private bath. Shower that stuff off!
5 You are trying not to get your hair wet and just trying to cool off a little and someone does a cannon ball in the pool and you are drenched. Now you look like a wet rat. Thanks kid!
6 A kid says, “Mommy I have to pee!” and then proceeds to jump in the pool. Oh no you don’t! The bathroom is a few steps away.
7 Teenagers are playing tag and running around the pool deck. You can’t relax because you are afraid that they are going to get hurt.
8 The chlorine is so strong that it looks like you smoked some wacky tobacky.
9 A person with a nasty rash just jumped in the pool. Don’t they do body checks at the door? Now we need disease control to come in.
10 I need a maintenance man to clean this pool pronto. There are so many bugs floating around that I am starting to think that the pool membership should be for bugs only.

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