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Exorbitant college costs:
1 What’s with the extra fees? Activity fees? I have to pay for day camp?
2 Why does it cost $200,000 for four years? Are they giving him a company to run when he graduates?
3 I can’t wait to see the apartment I paid $15,000 for. Ohh..it’s compact and wait…only half of it is yours? Prisoners have a bigger cells!
4 It’s so expensive that students may die of old age before their loans are paid off.
5 Shouldn’t all the extras be included in the tuition like an all inclusive resort? I have to pay for books?
6 Cost of living increases are understandable but I must be living in Beverly Hills with these prices.
7 So if I cut out liberal arts courses and just take courses for my major, can I deduct fifty percent?
8 College is how much? I saved $30,000 and thought it would pay for all four years. Oh boy.
9 Are you hiring? I will work for you if you let my kid attend for free.
10 Yeah, we are going to need a much lower price. I need to downgrade to an econo room with jail food instead of cruise ship food and no activities. He is here to learn.

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