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tattoo nightmares
1 You ask for a specific tattoo artist who lets his apprentice practice on you. Um hello, I can’t erase this! What are you thinking? Go practice on a cpr dummy.
2 When you go in with a design and the guy decides to change it to something he likes. His version looks like a kindergartner drew it. I thought you were an artist!
3 It is obvious the person didn’t win any spelling bees. It’s supposed to say angel not angle 🤦🏻‍♀️
4 When you get a symbol only to find out you now belong in a gang.
5 When you ask for a tattoo but can’t handle the pain. You are the proud owner of a freckle tattoo.
6 Your new tat is crooked and looks like a drunk person did it.
7 The shop looks like an auto repair garage and artists don’t wear gloves.
8 The artist has no samples of their work and is offended you asked.
9 You expected a good size tattoo on your shoulder. The finished work is teeny tiny.
10 The ink bled and isn’t crisp and clear. It looks out of focus.

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