KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Unrealistic movie or tv scenes:

1 You took an ass whoopin and are still getting up for more. If that was real you would be in the hospital or morgue.
2 The female is on her way to a fight and is wearing heels and her makeup is perfect. I don’t think so honey.
3 Going after the bad guy all alone. You know you can call the police.
4 Big scary scenes in schools or hospitals with no one in sight. What are the chances?
5 Kicking down doors with one kick or knocking someone out with one punch. What kind of steroids are you taking?
6 Fist fighting a group of guys and they wait their turn to hit you.
7 No one hearing a bunch of gun shots going off.
8 Cars flying off bridges and landing on the ground.
9 Buildings and cars blow up and the people running away from the explosion fly through the air and get up unscathed.
10 You have time to have sex before having to deal with the bad guy. Instead of being tired you are energized.

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