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Riding a bike isn’t as easy as when you were a kid:
1 I remember riding my bike all over the place. I went out recently thinking I wouldn’t get tired cruising around. Wrong. I was never more uncomfortable.
2 Looking at the seat is painful. Nevermind sitting on it. Ouch my sits bones are so sore.
3 There are two sets of numbers and gears. Oh boy. Guess I have to play around with it until I figure it out.
4 I tried to stand up on the pedals when my butt got numb. It helped and then I sat down again.
5 Here comes a hill. Here I go. I am pedaling like crazy. Yes! Up the hill I go. The bike is slowing down. Come on. Just a wee bit more. OMG I am going to go backwards. Let me lean forward. I made it!!!
6 I brought a drink. Let me take a sip. Missed my mouth. Went down my shirt. Almost fell off my bike.
7 Hit some sand. My bike tire is pulling away and I am starting to lose control. Somehow I regained my balance and recovered. Phew. Close one.
8 My bike has me leaning forward and my weight seems to be resting on my hands which have gone numb.
9 I finally get a break. I am going downhill. Whoa I’m traveling at the speed of light. I hope I don’t have to stop.
10 Hopefully I don’t experience this. The sky opens up and it is pouring. You are getting pelted with rain and your back tire is kicking up a bunch of yuk to your seat. Ugh!

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