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It’s hard to socialize with social distancing:

1 If you are trying to get with someone, it’s hard to make a move from six feet away.
2 You can’t whisper in someone’s ear. You have to text it.
3 You can’t ask your friend what’s going on in the movie. She is too far away.
4 You can’t play tag because the person keeps running away from you.
5 You invite a friend over to dinner and you each sit at the head of the table. It’s hard to the pass the food. It turns into a game of shuffleboard and some of the dishes crash to the floor.
6 You can’t pretend to drown so that the hot lifeguard can save you, because he is not allowed to touch you.
7 You go camping with friends but everyone has to sleep in their own tent. Ghost stories around the campfire are hard to do because you have to talk loud instead of in a low, creepy voice.
8 Sports teammates can’t sit on the bench together. They are spread out thru the arena.
9 You have to do drive bys for yard sales. You point at the items you like from your window and the person holds it up for you to see.
10 You have to wear gloves, a mask, and a fluid resistant gown to dance at the club. It’s hard to tell who is hot since everyone looks ridiculous. You can’t understand each other through the masks. It’s impossible to score with all of these clothes on.

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