KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Things you do when you keep dozing off:
1 You laugh once in a while to make it look like you were awake and paying attention.
2 You let out a little snort and then ask “What was that?” as if it wasn’t you.
3 You wake up with your mouth wide open. It’s as if you were trying to land a plane in there.
4 You scare yourself when the remote drops on the floor. You think someone is trying to break in.
5 Instead of going to bed you try to finish the show you were watching. You wake up hours later and end up having to rewatch the whole thing again anyway since you have no recollection of seeing it.
6 You get the sleepy ha ha’s and laugh at everything and anything.
7 You wake up on the couch in the morning needing a chiropractor and a masseuse.
8 You wake up trying to figure out what time it is and where everyone went.
9 You try and find enough energy to move the body parts to get you upstairs to your bed.
10 You get mad for wasting the night you had to yourself sleeping!

#blogger #topten #dozingoff

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