KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

When your hearing isn’t great:
1 After asking the person to repeat themselves twice you just give up and laugh and hope that it is the appropriate response.
2 Your boss is a soft talker and you try and strain your ears to hear them. SPEAK UP!
3 It’s kind of fun because you hear words that change the whole story. At least you amuse yourself.
4 You become the person who yells WHAT? all the time. It’s exhausting.
5 It sounds like the person is speaking in a foreign language. Say what?
6 People think you have a lot of company because your tv is so loud.
7 People sound like they are talking with marbles in their mouth and you have no clue what they are trying to say.
8 You are out of luck because you can’t read lips.
9 People get aggravated when they have to repeat themselves and think you are doing it on purpose.
10 When you go to a romantic restaurant with your spouse, you have no idea what he is saying to you. His lips are moving pretty quick so it must be interesting.

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