KC Avalon’s Daily’s Blog

Unwritten rules where I work:
1 Don’t even think about putting that work on my desk. Keep walking if you know what’s good for you. That’s right.
2 Do you see your momma working here? No. Okay You need to clean up after your damn self!
3 Don’t finish the last cup of coffee and try and sneak away. You better make another pot.
4 Don’t let me walk around all day looking ridiculous with something in my teeth, gook in my eye, runny eyeliner, hair sticking up, etc. Tell me so I can fix it.
5 Don’t park in someone’s unmarked parking spot. You know they park there every day so find your own spot.
6 Don’t make anyone work past 12 or they will get hangry.
7 Don’t bring in a delicious dessert unless you have enough for everyone.
8 Don’t put fish in the microwave! Disgusting.
9 If you are done your work, help someone else out. Don’t dare shop online!
10 If you are coming to work to bitch and complain, stay home. Honey, we all have problems.

#blogger #topten #unwrittenworkrules

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