KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

terrible food when you were a kid:

1 Eating your delicious burger 🍔 only to have a disgusting round pickle in your next bite. Where did that come from?
2 Biting into a chocolate covered cherry thinking it was solid chocolate. What the heck did you just bite into?
3 Eating a chocolate chip cookie only to find out the hard way it is raisins. Yuk!
4 Wheat bread tasted like it had dirt and saw dust in it. If this is healthy, I don’t want anything healthy.
5 Fish smelled like it came straight from a trash can. It never made it to your mouth.
6 Lentil beans tasted like rich vitamins. No thank you.
7 Wrinkly green peas tasted like skin on the outside and mushy on the inside.
8 Sunny side up eggs with yolk running all over the plate. May I be excused?
9 Cranberry sauce out of a can looked like jello but was bitter and unappealing.
10 Oatmeal looked like someone got sick in your bowl and didn’t smell much better. Why can’t you have cereal like a normal kid?

#blogger #topten #foodkidshate

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