KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

When your picnic doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned:
1 An army of 🐜 ants decides to join the party.
2 Bees 🐝 start chasing you and you spend the whole time running.
3 A seagull waits until you set up your picnic. He calls his friends to tell them lunch is ready. They swoop in and you are left with crumbs.
4 You packed lunch for four people but there is a kid waiting for food that you never met before.
5 You set up everything under a pavilion. The ranger politely waits until you are finished setting up then tells you the area is reserved. Very funny.
6 You decide to sit in the grass to become one with nature. You wake up the next day with poison ivy.
7 It’s much windier than you thought. Lunch turns into chase after your food, plates, napkins, cups.
8 You put ice in the cooler instead of ice packs. Everyone’s sandwich is soggy.
9 You have delicious food and snacks but no napkins.
10 You have to go to the bathroom but there’s no bathroom in sight.

#blogger #topten #picnic

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