KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

When you need a vacation so bad:
1 You go to your destination only to find out that you can’t leave your room for 14 days. By the time you get out, vacation is over.
2 You have a beach house and are finished serving the required quarantine. Jokes on you. Everything is still closed. It’s like you woke up after the season was over.
3 If you are single, pick a resort and a random stranger and inform them that you decided to quarantine with them for some fun.
4 Camp out on the beach for a change of scenery.
5 The only vacation you can take is a virtual vacation on Google Earth. You have been all around the world. I am a world class traveler.
6 You turned your house into a resort. The club is in the basement, restaurant in the kitchen, spa in the bathroom, gym in the living room and pool in the backyard.
7 Your candlelight dinners have become curbside pickups shared in the car with the headlights on.
8 You took a road trip and never got out of the car.
9 You took a cruise and didn’t realize that you would not be allowed to come out of your shoe box of a room. Your meals are left outside of your door.
10 The only way to visit your neighbors is through the lens of your telescope.

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