KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

When we scare ourselves:
1 When you jump because you think someone is rapidly approaching to kidnap you. Silly. It was only your shadow.
2 A car backfires and you convince yourself that someone shot a gun. Hit the ground!
3 You hear a settlement crack in the house and think there is an intruder roaming around.
4 A door closes because there is a window open. You called the priest because you think there is a ghost in the house. Bring the holy water.
5 You wake up nice and relaxed and look at the time. You forget it is Saturday and think you are late for work. You go into superhero mode to get ready.
6 You watch a super scary movie and then every little noise scares the hell out of you. You need to sleep with your eyes open.
7 You wake up to a clanging sound. Must be a ghost. Nah it’s just the old pipes in the house.
8 You are scared to death because you hear noise in the attic. Must be a ghost with chains. Nope, just a raccoon living up there.
9 You see movement out of the corner of your eye and think someone is in the house. Now you are tiptoeing around.
10 Everything is cool but then the lights go out but only in your house. Oh hell no! I am outta here!

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