KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Things that make your blood pressure go up

1 A bug, especially a nasty spider.Hurry! Start throwing stuff at it before it gets away. If it does, you are gonna have to pack your suitcase and vacate.
2 You find out you are pregnant from the one night of wild passion that you enjoyed. I said I wanted a night to remember not a new family member.
3 You open up your kid’s report card expecting a nice surprise. Instead it makes you string curse words together and you feel like your head is going to explode.
4 When you have to bend down at the water fountain because the water pressure is so low and all of a sudden the pressure increases and the water goes up your nose. You wonder if you are being pranked.
5 When someone suggests that you calm down when you aren’t even upset. Oh you are going to get both barrels now.
6 When people drive like idiots. Pay attention or I am going to rip up your license.
7 Eating a cookie thinking it is a chocolate chip only to find out it is a raisin. Ewww. How disappointing.
8 When you are sitting in traffic and a motorcycle gets thru between the lanes. Or the people who cheat and fly by on the shoulder. Makes you want to open your door.
9 When you haven’t seen your favorite show yet and you see spoilers on social media. How rude! 🤬
10 People that try to use intimidation to get their way Sorry that doesn’t work for me. If I want your opinion, I will give it to you.

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